Why Cleaning Your House Results in Improved Mental Health?

No matter how regular your cleaning and house maintenance seems, clutter always goes back to you, haunting you with their dirt and messy look. If you are used to services like the cleaning service Irvine, you might find this quarantine as crippling and frustrating because as the family stays together, the more clutter you need to expect.  


There is numerous leading psychological research that links a clean environment to a healthy mental state and found out that it is because there is a great correlation between stress, anxiety and clutter that surrounds you. This means that keeping your house and clean and in order provides many benefits to you and your mental health (which is very relevant in this quarantine month). If you need to destress, all you need to do is to pick up a duster and a rag, and start cleaning our dirt that keeps on bothering you subconsciously.  

The University of California elaborated on this in a research article. They found out that in their thirty couples (subjects) that are stress hormones were released by those couples who described their house or apartment as chaotic or messy, and that housekeeping keeps the cortisol hormones on a minimum level. They further conclude, with the integration of previous and other studies results that a clean home extends your physical well-being. They also have found out that women are significantly affected by the clutter at home, and more susceptible to stress and anxiety when exposed to an untidy environment.  

Another study that linked to the physical well-being of families, found out that families who have tidy and clean homes are physically healthier compared to those homes were described as chaotic and untidy.  

These findings are a great contribution to the study of depression and women. In an article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin where scientists measured and assessed 60 women and their ways inside their homes, they found out that those women tho described their living spaces as unorganized, full of unfinished projects, and cluttered, had more symptoms and indications of depression and fatigue compared to women who describe their homes as restorative and restful, and that women exposed to untidy environments had a higher level of the stress hormone known as cortisol.  

What is more interesting is that these women who have more stress hormones and anxiety are more likely to have failures in relationships with friends, loved ones, partners, children, and family. This means that a messy home does not just make you mental and physical health at risk, but also your relationship with other people; messy homes potentially lead to a messy relationship. This is important information especially to those couples living in, or parents who have children to keep their temper at check, as messy house keeps us anxious, irritated, and stressed leading to anger, or worse, to violence. 

You see, there is more to a cleaner and more organized home than visual aesthetics. It provides a healthier mental state and reduces stress and irritation towards stimuli. So, since we all have the time because of the quarantine, let us make out of this and try to make a cleaner, healthier living space. 

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